Ten things I wish I’d known before becoming a law student

I thought I was an adult; I thought I knew how to be a great girlfriend. Meeting someone I had a serious connection with taught me that nothing I had experienced before was real. True love feels different than casual relationships — even if those relationships lasted for years which is usually well past their expiration date! When you’re in a good relationship, you learn things. You act differently and you think as part of a team — not as an individual making their way through the world. You’ll be more understanding and accepting of your partner, instead of just getting frustrated with them, like you may have with past relationships.

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Isn’t that interesting and out of the ordinary? Naturally you have some questions. But there are some questions you really shouldn’t ask. We know your curiosity doesn’t always come from a bad place, but let’s run through a few queries Ms.

Things is great for collecting stuff you want to review and act on later, like remembering things you have to do around the house, groceries you need to buy, work tasks, and so on. When an idea hits you, you would normally open Things to enter it, maybe apply a tag or a date.

Apple’s products are getting harder to use because they ignore principles of design. Alas, these attributes are fast disappearing from their products in favor of pretty looks, or as designers call it “styling. And Bruce Tognazzini and I are writing a detailed critique. This note gives highlights of the views and points to her interview with me.. Every so often I can’t stop myself from complaining.

This is one of those every so oftens. Insufficient tactile differentiation among the controls. No labeling of which side is right and which left which matters, both because these are stereo earphones and because the identical looking and feeling buttons do different things on the two sides of the device. Manuals that use incredibly tiny type small type in gray on a black background.

Badly written as well, but we have come to take that as standard. Usually we can figure things out anyway by playing with the controls. They are invisible in use deliberate , but with insufficient tactile distinction, with the left controls identical to the right one, but doing different things, and no way of knowing which is left and which right, so on each usage, they will vary randomly. Floorplan Light Switches 26 January Once upon a time, a long time ago, I got tired of light switches that contained a long, one-dimensional linear array of switches mounted on a vertical wall controlling a two-dimensional placement of lights that were placed on a horizontal plane.

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There is no better time to get off the sofa and spruce up your home. But while it can be a fantastic resource, the web can also be a labyrinth. Stick to these gurus, and your next design move is all but guaranteed to be more stylish, cheaper and less work. Here is our guide to the best interiors websites. Its formidable database contains more than a million pictures.

Oct 22,  · We’ve spent the past whole month for this guide to tell you things you’d better know before your system design interview, and at the same time let you be more carefree as system design interview is not as hard as many people thought, certain ways can definitely help you be good at it.

Graphic Design , Typography Yes, this is a controversial topic, however I hope to raise awareness of some mistakes you may be making in your graphic design pieces that are making you look like an amateur, but please keep in mind that none of these are hard and fast rules, this is only a general guide of things you should be aware of.

Helvetica Do you use Helvetica in everything? Ok, yes I know, it is the most popular font of all time — but that is the downfall of Helvetica. Try something else next time and try break out of your habit. Straight quotes were for typewriters, times have changed! Look at the difference between the quotes above. The quotations are not hanging over the edge. Straight quotes have been used instead of true quotation marks. Quotation marks have been used instead of prime marks after the 7 and 3.

See in the picture in number 2, how the quote marks are hanging off the side of the quote, compared to the other one.

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By Seth Fiegerman After a string of early successes as Apple’s design chief, Ive bought an Aston Martin DB9, only to get into a car accident one month later with a member of his design team, which nearly killed them both. Apple’s reaction to the event was to give Ive a “big pay raise.

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Thai Visa Information Visitors from most European, North and South American, as well as many Asian countries, do not need a visa to enter the kingdom if they wish to stay in Thailand for no longer than 30 days and for tourism purposes only. If you wish to stay longer than a month or two most foreigners can easily apply for a tourist or other visa at a Thai consulate in their home country.

Our general Thai visa pages provide you with all the info you need before traveling to the Land Of Smiles. Do I need a visa to travel to Thailand? Where can I find the nearest Thai embassy or consulate, and what kind of visa can I apply for? Finally, you can find all the latest visa updates that are particularly of interest to long-stay tourists and expats on our regularly updated Thailand visa news page.

If there is mutual understanding bar girls will accompany you back to your room for an hour or two or the rest of the night to provide you with a bit of sensual relaxation. Up to you, as they say — and your wallet. Massage parlours can be found all over Pattaya and in virtually every side-street, with prices starting from approx. But to be clear about this:

8 Things You Need to Know Before a System Design Interview

October 8th, When organizing an event, you are confronted by many decisions. Choosing a venue is the one decision that will have the largest impact on your event. Does this sound a bit intimidating?

Make available things people commonly forget when they travel, like a new toothbrush and toothpaste, a fresh razor, cotton balls and Q-tips, so they don’t have to run out to get them.

Then ask them to define their objectives. Sometimes they just want one because their last brochure didn’t work. If they’ve come up with a brief for you, take a step back from that and look at exactly what it is they’re trying to achieve. Limit your fonts You don’t need many fonts when you’re thinking of how to design a brochure — just a heading, subheading and body copy font. But we see it all the time: Clients will usually take the lead on fonts as they’ll often have a corporate identity already in place.

Take stock of your paper stock Talk about paper stock before you put pen to notepad.

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So this next thing I’m about to say might come as a bit of a shock: I feel that the word “love” is used too much and often incorrectly in relationships today. Maybe a little bitter? Sometimes we lose sight of what is really important because we think loving someone is the sole reason to be in a relationship, but it’s not.

Trust Trust is one of the most important factors in a relationship. If you don’t trust the person you are with, then it is probably not a healthy, stable relationship and you most likely feel insecure about it.

10 comments • 2 days ago from BK Design, freelance designer “ Before, success was when a user makes the software do what they want, like sending an email. Now, software (designers) succeeds when the user does what the software wants, like sending an email.

By Anna Breslaw Sep 18, 1. Oh my god, doooo it. It’s like a weird vibrator-shaped electric toothbrush for your face, and cleans 10 times better than your hands or a washcloth. I’m not getting paid to say this. Every beautiful girl I know has one, and also me. You’ll never look back. Cut the social fat. That one friend of your ex who’s kind of boring but always wanted to have sex with you so he usually picks up the drinks tab?

Stop texting him back. That former Goth girl from your high school who’s constantly got baby pictures popping up on your timeline? Keep a core group close and drop the rest. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below 3.

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