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Tears in Brooklyn for suicide-plunge groom By Rebecca Rosenberg New York Post – November 9, Friends and loved ones bid a tearful farewell yesterday to the groom who jumped from a Brooklyn hotel room window just two days after his wedding. It was not in vain. From sadness will come happiness. His wife, who had married him at a lavish Williamsburg ceremony two days earlier, was asleep nearby. He said he replied, “It is what God wanted. Rabbi Moishe Mayer Weiss said Borger may have gone onto the balcony for air and gotten disoriented.

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Yet, it is not until many Pesukim later ibid. Upon Yaakov relating this information to Rochel and Leah, they responded: Are we not considered by him as strangers? Why did Rochel and Leah respond in this way–why did they simply not exclaim: Asking for personal requests on Shabbos is prohibited.

taC I Technical Assistance Committee noun Komitet tehnicheskoi pomoshi OON II tactical Air Command noun komandovanie takticheskih VVS III Terminal Access Controller noun terminal’nyi kontrol’ za dostupom. taFN That’s All For Now. taM-rating 1> opredelenie kolichestva telezritelei taNStaAFL There Are Not Such Thing As A Free Lunch. taPCIS The Access Program for the CompuServe Information .

Sure, I was disgusted by this on many levels. How many enemies of our people would argue that Jews are no better than Hamas, whose summer camps teach thousands of children in Gaza to murder Israelis? To be fair, in the Hamas camps, the kids are throwing grenades, known to be unsafe to humans and other life forms. How many more Satmar kids will be taught not that they are proud bearers of their communities banner, but that they are the only authentic Jews!

How unthinking of the organizers of these activities not to take into account how they embolden those whose intentions are nothing less than genocidal! What about public demonstrations at the Israeli Consulate in NY — at a time that Israel was under intense pressure in the world community — in front of the watchful eyes of the world? Does anyone believe that people have not tried again and again to elicit some responsibility from Satmar leadership, and always come up wanting?

There is nothing the rest of us are going to do about it, other than being better examples of Jews to our friends and neighbors than they can be. Yet this episode did irk me considerably. Surely whoever was responsible and it was assuredly not all of Satmar; Jerusalem Post published dissent within the community must have known about the battle Satmar is facing with the State of New York over its disregard for state law about providing secular education to children.

Parents and other interested parties, both in Satmar and those who bolted from it, pushed the State to enforce the current statute, claiming that Satmar non-compliance was sentencing children to a life of poverty and reliance on the public dole. Without minimal skills in English and other parts of a core curriculum, a new generation of Satmar Chassidim will remain unemployable in all but a small number of occupations.

Satmar: Do They Take Us For Fools?

Posted on November 18, From the primitive land of the Arabian Peninsula of over 14 centuries ago rose Muhammad, an illiterate hired hand of a rich widow Khadija, claiming he was the bearer of a perfect life prescription from God—the Quran. In exchange for this, people had to embrace Islam—surrender—by surrendering their liberty to Muhammad. Islam is the most successful fraud in the history of humanity, and it is a great success.

Millions of mullahs and imams keep the fraud going, and over a billion and a half of the faithful pay for it.

Perhaps, Dr Heilman should study Chumash with the basic Mfarshim and see what was the purpose of the Exodus from Egypt-to serve HaShem at Har Sinai so that Klal Yisrael could receive the Torah and live and act in accordance of the dictates of being a Mamleches Kohanim UGoy Kadosh.

I gave blood today! And I learned a lot from the experience! So I wanted to share it with you! Pardon my exclamation points–really excited and kinda loopy: It is so sad the questions they have to ask you and the information you have to read prior to giving blood. Has society stooped so low that the basic reading information should have an X-Rated warning on the front? But, as we live in Galus, what I read is common practice Ok, now a bit of a rant–are people so sick they can’t control their physical urges that put their lives and others in danger??

I feel so disgusted after reading what was in that booklet, I could barely read the rest of it

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In fact and per definition , one cannot be a friend of the Jews while he is a hater of Hashem, our One and Only G-d, praying to a dead man-god. Dear Ariel, I always try to be somewhat moderate in my dealings with xtians. Perhaps the fact of being born into that religion and having lived it as the unique and irreplaceable solution of a life of faith for many years – and for my love of Torah, I am sensitive to the call of those non-Jews who demonstrate a hesitation in their belief in yeshu or have a desire to know more about Judaism, but not yet know how to express themselves: They often err and act in a way that is offensive to the Jews.

This puts me in a position of a certain dialogue with them, which I live with a sense of unease.

Dec 30,  · Take this post as Derush. January 1st, marks the th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, whereby President Lincoln allowed all slaves living in the United States to live as free men, no longer bound by the shackles of their masters. The year was The freed slaves were celebrating a Yovel, and they called it such.

Thursday, October 11, D. Thursday, October 11th , 4: Hynes’ request to the U. Mondrowitz, a onetime popular child psychologist in Brooklyn’s Borough Park, was indicted in February on charges of sexually abusing four boys, months after he fled. Critics charged Hynes was afraid of offending the powerful Orthodox Jewish voting bloc and only changed his mind because of a change in the community’s attitude toward pedophilia.

His spokesman, Jerry Schmetterer, denied the allegation. Hynes’ decision has brought some relief to the alleged victims, including a rabbi who told Hynes that Mondrowitz, a neighbor and father of his friends, had molested him at the age of 11 in the late s. Mondrowitz declined comment when reached by telephone in Israel. I greatly appreciate the plaudits my work has received on this blog.

And I do cherish the belief that both the publicity and the legal activism I helped bring to this case have made a difference. But I must stress that a share of any credit due rightfully belongs to everyone who has helped to make an issue of this case, whether with the D.

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Many Hasidic Jews shop loyally at these stores, coming from all parts of the city, other states, and even other countries to buy kosher items. Businesses have benefited from the growing Jewish population, the increasing density of the neighborhood, and the use of entrepreneurial spirit on the Internet. In , a kosher hotel called “The Avenue Plaza Hotel” opened on 13th Avenue, becoming the first hotel to appear in the neighborhood in more than a decade. These hotels are among the few hotels that can accommodate the needs of many Orthodox Jews.

Demographics[ [ edit ]ased on data from the United States Census , the population of Borough Park was , , an increase of 5, 5. Covering an area of 1,

The older boys have a Rebbe for Gemara and Mishnayos and they have weekly live shiurim they attend. I have added private tutoring with Rabbi Resnick from Roomnet. The boys have learned with Rabbi Resnick for several years, many years ago, and were really excited when I asked if they would like to have him for their Gemara now.

Rav Yehuda Amital passed away at the age of He was a Holocaust survivor who made aliya, fought in the War of Independence, founded Yeshivat Har Etzion where he served as its rosh yeshiva, and served as a minister in the Knesset. In the three weeks since his death, I have heard or read many eulogies and obituaries containing his biographical information and life story.

Some tried to summarize and present his hashkafa and shitot. Those are both monumental tasks best left to someone who knew him much longer than I did, and those who are interested should check out the haretzion. I speak here today to provide a first-hand account of my memories of Rav Amital. I will tell you some of the stories he told — the ones he repeated most often — that I heard directly from him, to allow you to receive the message he imparted to me and my fellow students.

Cleveland and Lakewood: Info on Levaya of Rav Chaim Stein zt”l

By that time many, if not most of the frum population had fled Crown Heights, but there was still something that could be done to keep the last non-Lubavitch remnants from fleeing as well. I guess as a group Bobov comes to mind, although I don’t think they were interested. Bobov did not attend, I should say the Bobover Roov didn’t attend, maybe some Bobovers attended – despite the fact that the Gaon HaDor attended. R’ Hollander also deserved a “HaRav” before his name.

Moshe Yehuda Weiner, 21, died on Thursday after he was struck by a tractor-trailer in Brooklyn and was dragged for about block after getting caught under the truck’s rear tires, officials said.

The gigantic dog was gaining on him and he had nowhere to hide. He knew that within seconds it would sink its razor-sharp sharp teeth into him. And then suddenly, the dog lunged at somebody else and Jeff got away. Jeff Feder awoke in a cold sweat. The dreams about wild dogs and other savage animals had filled his sleep every night since he had arrived in Eilat. Jeff had grown up in a non-observant home in New Jersey and spent his high school years with long hair, a lip ring and enmeshed in a counter-culture lifestyle.

He searched desperately for meaning and substance to life, but felt only frustration at the inability of the world to provide serious answers to his existential questions. Instead he set off to travel to try to find his place in the world. His journeys took him all the way up to the frigid waters of Alaska, where he worked on a fishing boat, and down to the sandy beaches of Key West.

He thought he would relish the freedom and independence, but he had never felt so alone and frustrated in his life. In the midst of his journeys his mother offered to sponsor him to fly to Israel to record a video of his great-aunt speaking about how their family had survived the Holocaust in Hungary. Jeff flew to Israel, recorded the video, and then set off for a 10 day vacation across the country.

Live! Closing of traffic by Levaya of Rav Shteinman שידור חי סגירת הכבישים בלוייה של הגריא״ל שטיינמן