Nazis’ Argentine village hide-out pulls in tourists

He entered the gubernatorial election of ; he first defeated Lt. In accordance with South Carolina law, Sanford was elected separately from the state’s Republican lieutenant governor, Andre Bauer. Sanford and Bauer’s wins gave the Republicans full control of state government for the first time since Reconstruction. First term[ edit ] In , after becoming governor, Sanford attended two weeks of training with the Air Force Reserve in Alabama with his unit, the th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron. While in training in , Sanford did not transfer power to Bauer, saying he would be in regular contact with his office, and would transfer authority in writing only if he were called to active duty. The Republican-led state House of Representatives overrode of Sanford’s budget vetoes on May 26, Had this veto stood, the state government would have shut down on July 1. He explained his veto as being the only way to get the cuts he desired, and that using the line item veto would have been inadequate as well as impossible. However, in a special session the following day, both houses dismissed Sanford’s call for reform by overriding his veto—effectively restoring their original budget. Later in his tenure, he embarked on a plan to reform methods of funding the state’s public education system, including measures such as school vouchers — aimed at introducing more competition into the school system as a means of fostering improvement.

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She was “always fully aware” of the former Nazi’s past “because he never felt the need to hide it here”, she said. Its membership lists from the late s include Hans Ulrich Rudel, former head of the Luftwaffe and a close confidant of Hitler, and Frederich Lantschner, the former Nazi governor of the Tyrol. Hugo Jung, the club president, remembers Rudel well: He was a great man and despite the fact that he had only one leg, he still managed to be an excellent skier.

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Only shell characters have been generally used for taxonomic discrimination of these taxa i. Morphometric variation ranges from elongate, comparatively small shells R , typical of coarse sandy substrates and warm or warm-temperate water masses in typically marine and polyhaline environments dominant in the mid-Holocene , to bigger, more strongly ribbed and more globose shells P , characteristic of pebbly or rocky substrates, and shallow, cold water masses in typically open marine habitats dominant in the Magellanean province at present.

Traditional and geometric morphometric techniques performed on large amounts of fossil and modern shells help to objectively define the morphometric variation of Brachidontes in the area. Results both by Relative Warps and Principal Component techniques show no difference among shell morphs, implying that B. The morphotypes are extremes within a wide morphological range and can be linked together in a chain of transitional forms.

They respond to different habitats ecomorphs controlled by temperature geographical variation , substrate, energy and water-depth, and by salinity, and by competitive strategies for space availability of food resources , all influencing growth. The morphometric variation of organisms in fossil strata could represent a valid tool to reconstruct palaeoenvironmental changes that occurred during high sea-level stands since ca.

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Dating in Argentina is very different from the UK. Planning on taking the plunge? Here are 10 things you need to know If Boca Juniors lose, your date will probably be too busy sulking to show up Credit: Dinner here is rarely eaten before 10pm – at the earliest – after which Argentines will head to a bar, before hitting a boliche club around 3am. Unlike the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, Argentines are unlikely to worry about being late for a very important date Credit: Argentine men could charm the birds from the trees Chivalry is alive and well in Argentina.

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New technologies are changing the traditional structures of work and the G20 has the opportunity to help generate more inclusive growth if it takes advantage of these new trends so that their benefits multiply. Finance ministers and central bank governors will seek to pin down the impact that technological change is having on development, growth, jobs, and inequality.

Infrastructure increases productivity and creates more sustainable long-term growth. It also generates both physical and digital access to the opportunities of the new economy. Mobilizing private investment toward infrastructure is crucial to reducing the global infrastructure gap. The Argentine G20 presidency therefore proposes developing infrastructure as a new asset class that is attractive to investors.

Cryptocurrencies are also on the discussion table. While they have the potential to promote financial inclusion, they can also have implications on financial stability, tax evasion and the financing of illicit activities. The issue is an important item on the agenda; delegates will consider a joint response that would mitigate the risks without discouraging innovation.

The G20 finance deputies met yesterday and today, prior to the finance ministerial. In G20 terminology, the deputies are second in command to the ministers or central bank governors and help coordinate the G20 agenda. This is the first ministerial meeting of the Argentine G20 presidency, and a key event on the G20 agenda. It will be the first of five meetings between finance ministers and central bank governors this year. List of heads of delegation A list of the heads of the G20 delegations can be found here.

Nazis’ Argentine village hide-out pulls in tourists

These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Image copyright AFP Image caption Argentines are angry that the government turned to the IMF FMI in Spanish When a business-friendly conservative was elected president of Argentina in October , hopes were high he would put the South American country’s economy on a stable path. Mauricio Macri promised to revive Argentina’s economy and achieve “zero poverty”. But less than three years later, he has unexpectedly asked for the early release of a loan from the International Monetary Fund IMF.

What has gone wrong? Everyday life is getting more expensive for Argentines, as the prices of many goods and services still bear a close relation to the US dollar.

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Follow A team of Argentine archaeologists investigating a series of ruins in the jungle, close to the border with Paraguay, believe they have discovered a secret Nazi lair. The cluster of stone structures, now covered by thick vines and accessible only when using a machete to cut through the undergrowth, contain stashes of German coins from the late s, fragments of “Made in Germany” porcelain, and Nazi symbols on the walls.

Mr Schavelzon, from the University of Buenos Aires, spent months exploring the site in the Teyu Cuare provincial park, in the Misiones region of northern Argentina. Local legend told that a house in the forest belonged to Martin Bormann — Hitler’s right-hand-man, who took his own life in May — but Mr Schavelzon said there was no evidence to support what he called “an urban myth”. Instead, the buildings were planned as a refuge for the leaders of the Third Reich, commissioned in case they needed to flee Germany.

He said that his findings were not yet definite, but he was convinced of their veracity. It’s a protected, defendable site where they could live quietly. Thousands of Nazis, Croatian Ustasha fascists and Italian fascists arrived with the blessing of president Juan Peron, who led the nation from to and again briefly in the s.

An estimated 5, Nazis eventually ended up in Argentina. In , Nazi Adolf Eichmann, who helped organise the Holocaust, was captured in Buenos Aires by an Israeli commando team and tried in Israel where he was executed. Josef Mengele, whose grotesque experiments on prisoners at Auschwitz earned him the title “Angel of Death”, also fled to Argentina.

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But there is something special about Buenos Aires: The kosher version of the golden-arched fast food chain is found in the Abasto shopping mall , in the ethnically diverse neighborhood of the same name. There are long lines on a Saturday evening following the end of the Sabbath as Jewish groups and families alike hustle for the famous burgers and fries. A kosher butchershop in the Once neighborhood of Buenos Aires Today Argentina is home to around , Jews, making it the sixth largest Jewish community in the world, and the biggest in Latin America.

The briefest walk through this area gives a good impression of the Jewish presence. Templo Libertad in Recoleta Among some of the most spectacular synagogues here are the Grand Temple of Paso, considered one of the most beautiful in South American and Yesod Hadath, a large Sephardic synagogue dating to

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Abstract An Eocene foreland basin linked to the Andean uplift in northwestern Argentina has recently been proposed. The basin is divided and partially eroded due to subsequent Neogene orogenic phases, so that a simple reconstruction is insufficient to describe complex field relationships. This presents a new challenge in understanding the initial phases of Central Andean evolution.

Weathering surfaces become evident when diagnostic features like paleosols, karsts, and trace fossils are distinctive but, in our case, these characteristics only emerge through detailed sedimentological and geochemical surveys. A modified form of the chemical index of alteration shows that chemical leaching was moderate and not extensive.

In addition, mammalian fossil records substantially differ below and above the weathered paleosol-bearing surface.

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