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Why not stop off in Trieste? The timetable above merely shows the most suitable Venice-Trieste connection into or out of the twice-per-day Trieste-Ljubljana trains, but Venice-Trieste regional trains in fact run every hour through the day. So by all means take an earlier train from Venice to Trieste when travelling eastbound or a later one from Trieste to Venice when travelling westbound to give yourself some time in Trieste, a great city that’s well worth a stopover. Indeed, along with Turin I’d say Trieste was one of Italy’s most under-rated cities. You can check train times at www. Similarly, there are a number of Ljubljana-Zagreb trains every day, the timetable above just shows the suggested connection.

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Initially, towards the middle of the fifth century, an Early Christian basilica featuring a nave and two aisles, a presbytery with an apse, and mosaic flooring, was built where the capitolium temple once stood. During the ninth century, two sacred buildings were built. The first was a cathedral smaller than the previous, dedicated to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, with a nave, two aisles and three apses, while the second was the Sacellum Shrine of San Giusto.

 · Discover the most beautiful corners of Slovenia’s Adriatic coast on this half-day excursion from Trieste. After meeting your guide at the port or at your hotel, you’ll travel by comfortable vehicle to Piran: a coastal city with history dating back to ancient ://

We may also be able to arrange a flight from your local airport — contact us for more details. Why not take the train all the way from London to Trieste? After about 90 minutes of your journey, the scenery becomes all the more spectacular as you begin your ascent through the Semmering Pass, built in the mid th century to enhance rail transportation throughout the Austro-Hungarian empire.

On arrival in Graz, make your way to the Wiesler Hotel or similar for a 2 night stay. In fact, the old town here is considered to be one of the best preserved in Central Europe. Pass through the industrial city of Maribor and the beautiful countryside of eastern Slovenia before arriving at its capital, Ljubljana. There’s plenty of time to settle in to your hotel and then head out to get your bearings. At only 35 miles north of Ljubljana, it is also accessible for a day trip if you prefer to base yourself in the Slovenian capital and travel up by train or organised group excursion.

A pre-booked transfer will meet you here and drive you the short minute journey to your hotel in the centre of Trieste.

How to get from Trieste to Gorizia by train, bus, rideshare, taxi or car

Its a beatiful stay to explore Trieste and Duino, as it is on halfway. Wolfgang, Austria A room with a view to the ocean is always nice, the hotel is great in many respects. Lars, Germany Stunning views on bay. Excellent staff at restaurant! Raul, Estonia Spacious room with great sea view, quiet and relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff and easy to get to the city centre with the bus.

Probably dating from the 1st century AD, the Arch of Riccardo, in the heart of old Trieste, is a Roman gate in the ancient walls of View detail San Giovanni Park and Rose Garden.

It was built between and as the residence of archduke Ferdinand Maximilian Joseph Habsburg-Lorraine, a younger brother of the Austrian emperor Francis Joseph I, and his wife Charlotte of Belgium. Strongly influenced by Romanticism in its style, it is not exactly a castle, but rather a good example of a princely residence of the 19th century with magnificent rooms, and a large Italian- and English-style garden, with rare plants, small lakes and sculptures.

According to legend, Ferdinand Maximilian picked the location after he was caught in a storm as he was sailing in the Gulf of Trieste and found shelter in the tiny harbor of Grignano, 6 km from Trieste. It is simply more likely that Maximilian, who had moved to Trieste, was fascinated by the natural beauty of the area and decided to build a house worthy of his rank there. The architecture of the castle reflects the eclectic style of the era, with a mix of Gothic, medieval and Renaissance elements.

Maximilian closely supervised its construction. The ground floor housed the private apartments, while the first floor was used for official events and receptions.

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 · Trieste’s love for roasted beans can be traced back to the 18th century during years of Habsburg rule, when Emperor Charles VI made the north-eastern city a free ://

The castle is breathtaking to say the least and the surrounding gardens add to the unadulterated beauty. The remarkable architecture of the Castle is the amalgamation of Gothic, medieval and Renaissance styles and reflects the eclectic taste of the Archduke. Franz Hoffman was entrusted with the decoration of the house and did a brilliant job with the furnishings and the styling of the mansion.

The view on top of the castle is absolutely spell binding. All in all, the castle and the grounds are immaculately preserved and offer a peak into royal homes of the past. The museum inside the castle holds many of the original furnishings, ornaments and objects that date back to the mid 19th Century and showcases the well preserved living quarters of the family.

There is an information room that depicts the history of the castle and the park’s construction. All the rooms still feature the original furnishings, ornaments, furniture and objects dating back to the middle of the 19th century. Particularly noteworthy are the music room and a series of paintings by Cesare dell’Acqua depicting the history of Miramare.

Lastly, visitors can also see the throne room, which has gone through a recent refurbishment. About Miramare Castle Disabled access and parking available. It is possible to book the entry to the castle by calling: Admission free for EU citizens under 18 with ID.

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My dear friends , How can a city so fascinating? I love this quaint harbor town, Trieste is a great city to visit and makes a great entry or exit point for visiting Slovenia! It’s location means that it is only a hop and a jump to: Roman authors also transliterated the name as Tergestum.

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Ben Rushton Cresciani vividly recalls the arrival of liberating New Zealand troops to his native city in And yet, for much of its history, Trieste had been a cosmopolitan city, at the crossroads of Germanic, Latin and Slavic cultures. For years until , it thrived as the sole, strategic port of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. Advertisement But in the tense post-World-War-II era, the demons of nationalism were unleashed, and anyone not considered Italian “enough” was at risk of persecution.

Neo-Fascist gangs attacked the alleged enemies of Italianita Italian-ness , and Triestini who had been employed by the Anglo-American administration, or who were of Slovene or Croat background, or lukewarm in their support for an Italian Trieste, or who championed the cause of independence, were “encouraged” to leave, under threat of losing their jobs or of being relocated to southern Italy.

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How to get from Trieste to Miramare Castle by train, bus, taxi, car or foot

For a long time this major port was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and although the town is now part of Italy, it retains a not-quite-Italian feel. The Slovenian border is only a few miles away, curving round to the north and east. Coach services run from the centre of Trieste to Slovenia and to Croatia. The Slovenian language is sometimes spoken around Trieste, and many restaurant menus and guides are in Slovenian and German, as well as Italian.

There aren’t a huge number of ‘must-see’ tourist attractions in Trieste, but it’s a pleasant place to spend a day or two.

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Trieste Weather Why should I visit Trieste? Trieste is a grand little city with plenty to see and do if you’d like to visit Italy for the day, or even a few days. A jewel on the Adriatic, Trieste is surely a city you’ll want to add to your list of places to visit. Stroll through town and partake in some superb architecture from Roman times to the magnificent Art Deco era, Trieste is a great place to walk.

Stop for a coffee, it is a “must do” as Trieste is home to Illy Coffee. Illy is a family owned and operated company, founded in , and is something that the people of Trieste are very proud of indeed!. Trieste is a “happening” kind of town with a lively bar and restaurant scene. Even if you’d simply like to enjoy a gelato you’ll feel right at home as the gelato here is really good!

The Piazza of Italian Unity is certainly an impressive sight due to its size and the buildings that surround it on 3 sides and the sea on the other. It was given its current name in when Trieste was ceded to Italy and its current architecture is mostly from the Austrian period of rule around the to ‘s. In summer it is a favourite meeting spot with cosy sidewalk cafes serving coffee, drinks and snacks.

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