Can you hook up a car stereo speaker to a normal house stereo?

Understanding The Problem I decided to write this article after two people asked me exactly the same question in the Payette Forward Community. Both people were using Apple-branded cables and chargers. I knew there had to be a difference between charging an iPhone in the wall and charging it using a computer, but what was it? The diameter of the hose is analogous to amperage, in that it determines the amount of water or electricity that can flow through the hose at one time. The pressure of the hose is analogous to voltage, in that it determines the pressure of the water or electricity that flows into your device. My theory is that the circuit inside of your iPhone that differentiates between amperages has been damaged, so your iPhone only accepts the lowest possible amount. This, however, is only a theory.

Power When Away From Home | Using a Power Inverter

One method of doing this is to use the alternators to recharge storage batteries. These batteries could then be used to power an inverter, which would produce the AC voltage needed to run the house. This setup helps to simplify the needed calculations for this type of power system. Another advantage to this system is that it can easily be modified to add solar or wind power to reduce the amount of input power needed.

May 24,  · I am putting up a detached garage. My electrical service comes into the basement of my house. Can I put a box with a single amp breaker next to the existing amp service and run a single set of wires (4 3/0 wires) to a amp load center in the garage?

Subwoofer buldging out problem When speakers are wired in the wrong way the will do the “pushing out” you’re describing. Basically the polarities have been reversed and if kept like this over a period of time will blow the speaker. Best thing to do is to disconnect the power by the negative on the amp and take out the fuse from the power supply. Check the wires running from the amp to the subs, negative to negative and positive to positive.

I know it sounds basic but many people do mix it up! I would also check to see what channels the subs have been wired into? Best way is to have one sub from channel 1 and the other sub from channel 2 for example. Again this all depending what kind of amp and sub you have. So if you have 2 W subs, by connecting one to a single channel will decrease subs ability due to the lack of power supplied. However by combining 2 channels you optimize the output!

Also ensure that no 2 wires are touching. Make sure that the master volume on the amp is turned down. You dont need this to be on loud at all, in fact far from it or you’ll risk damaging both the amp and subs!

How to Connect a Subwoofer to an Amplifier

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Some head units have multiple preamp outputs, in which case you can simply plug a new set of RCA cables into an unused output and hook them up to your new subwoofer amp. Some head units only have one set of preamp outputs, in which case you’ll want to check your existing amp.

How do I connect a set of four ohm speakers safely to an eight ohm system? There are many variables to consider when connecting 4 ohm speakers to your system. Please consider the following: Define your system Are you using a Receiver or separate power amp to drive your speakers? Most midfi Receivers may have problems adequately driving a 4 ohm load. However, many of the better Receivers today have a large enough power supply, heat sink area, and current capability in the amp sections to handle 4 ohm loads.

You are usually safe running these speakers on the Flagship Receiver models from: Some Receivers have an impedance selector switch. In most cases we recommend the 8-ohm or more setting. These switches step down voltage feed to the power sections which will limit dynamics and overall fidelity.

iPhone Only Charges In Laptop Or Car, Not The Wall: The Fix!

In some ways, thick, high-end wire can present MORE of a problem than the conventional skinnier stuff. More on that later. For the purposes of discussion we will use the term “amp” short for amplifier to refer to any receiver, integrated amp or power amp. This sheet is intended for solid state, transistorized sets.

Jun 27,  · Im trying to hook up a sub to the new cd unit to my girlfriends car without an amp. How can I do that and what do I need to connect it.. Update: Well the Status: Resolved.

Curtis answered 4 years ago Look for a capacitor for car audio systems. I would look into upgrading your alternator also. Report Ilregal answered 4 years ago You need to hook those batteries correctly or you will end up with 24 volt on a 12 volt system and that’s not good for 12 volt wiring and you will be sorry. The following is how you will need to do it, If you are going to buy new 12 Volt or 6 Volt batteries for your car as your probably trying to power a monster stereo and this is how you’d want to do it for a RV also, it is important to know how to wire them properly so that you do not damage your cars electrical system.

Although this is an easy concept to understand, many people tend to get this wrong. Basically, there are two ways to wire your batteries: In RVs where 6 Volt batteries are used, you may need to use a combination of both these methods to get 12 Volt output and increase the amount of total Amp Hours simultaneously. And as usual I don’t do one liners so you might just want to cut and paste this and save it, so I’ll provide some examples also, ok With batteries wired in series, the Voltage increases but the Amperage remains the same.

If you[ take two 6 Volt batteries] that have a capacity rating of Amp Hours each and you wire them in series, you will get a total of [12 Volts] of power; however, the total Amp Hours will remain the same at a total of Amp Hours. This is how you create 12 Volts from two 6 Volt batteries.

Why does my Pioneer stereo not produce any sound?

If you meant using the head unit – well – maybe. But not a pure amplifier. I’ve been using a 10″ auto sub installed in a small sealed enclosure for the past few weeks.

Lastly you may want to have an electrician check the wiring in your house. Interference problems can be caused by loose connections or bad wiring behind a wall panel or outlet. Have a qualified electrician (Level III) conduct an inspection of your wiring system to .

I am not a noob beginner just drooling over his first amp. I have been playing for 35 years and have owned many good amps. I have always preferred After a in-store test drive of both amps, neither one had the tone I wanted, not to mention the ‘fizz’ issue with the Mustang III. All of them sounded okay, including the stock 6V6, but the 6L6GC was creamy and wonderful sounding.

They make these amps to mod and play with, heck, they even have mods listed on the VHT facebook page! The only slight drawback I have with the amp may not even be an issue for many people

Car Amplifier and Subwoofer Powered by a Computer Power Supply

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Depends from the impedance. Lowest allowed is 4 Ohm pro channel. So two 8 ohm speakers parallel results in 4 Ohm and is OK. To have 3 speakers for each channel on 1 connect:amp you can connect 4 Ohm speakers serial, results in 12 Ohm which is allowed, but you will not achieve rated power.

Thanks in advance for reading this post!! Frequently during the day, when commercial power is transfered from local gas plant to the nuclear facility, bumps occur in the power. Linux really loves these unplanned interuptions: D yes, I could use a vanilla UPS, but my plans are to put my home entirely off the grid. The inverter ran two of my cisco routers for load testing of the batteries. I was using a desulfator to reclaim some older batteries. Runs a table saw with no delay or drag, although it does suck a lot of juice from the batteries.

I initially had trouble setting everything up. I do know how to wire this stuff up. After all, I was an electrician for years. I tried a sacrificial lamb power supply to start performing diagnostics. The diagnostics revealed voltage on the power suppy case to ground, tried two different ones. The ciscos have the same voltage on the case to ground when tested later. I tried another cheaper inverter and have the same results.