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Tweet Climate change is happening, whether you like it or not. But some universities and their students want to slow it down and reduce their carbon footprint on a campus-wide scale. These ten schools make the most of their resources by providing easy access to recycling, using renewable energy, committing to zero waste at events, having great Environmental Science programs and student run Eco-clubs, and holding high standards for environmental sustainability. Take a look at how they do it and take some tips back to your college. Check out the 10 most eco-friendly schools reducing their carbon footprint every day. University of Pennsylvania UPenn do not shy away from environmental activism.

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Just like a generic suit taken off the rack will never fit you as well as a bespoke suit tailored specifically to your measurements, so too will an online dating site designed to be a one-size-fits-all solution disappoint you when you are looking for a compatible partner to start a relationship. It just makes you unique — a trait that deserves to be praised, not lambasted. You should never feel that you have to conform to the preconceived notions of others to be successful with online dating.

In case you are unaware, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of niche dating sites.

A Guide to Eco-Friendly Caskets, Shrouds, and Urns. The concept of a “ green funeral ” has become an intriguing option as consumers consider how they can be more environmentally-friendly when.

The process, known as alkaline hydrolysis, uses chemicals, heat, and pressure to dissolve bodies to bone in less than three hours and uses significantly less energy than cremation. However these burials are already taking place in several countries, including Australia and the USA. Canadian company AquaGreen said last year it had completed more than water cremations in its first year of business. The solution is filtered twice before being put flushed into the Ontario water supply and the company said the process is: In Sandwell the council is working with UK company, Resomation, which produces the pressurised resomator chambers where bodies are first weighed to calculate the chemical mix needed to dissolve the body.

The tank is then filled with a highly alkaline solution and heated to C to dissolve the body. This leaves behind teeth, bones and any foreign objects — such as artificial hips or fillings – which are rinsed and sorted before the bones are ground and returned in an urn. Funeral directors strive to bring eco-friendly burials to the UK by dissolving bodies This compares to the temperatures of up to C used in cremation, with each body taking up to 70 minutes to be reduced to ash.

A report by the UK Burial and Cremation Education Trust says each cremation produces four times as much CO2 as a burial, and also contributes to mercury pollution from vaporised fillings. Sandwell Council said it wants to harness the environmental benefits of this process and when the approval process and will be the first water crematorium in the country when final approval is given. A Sandwell Council spokesperson said: Burials at sea declining as ‘old salts’ die off We commit this body to the deep:

Kevin McCloud reveals his top 10 ‘green heroes’ for an eco-friendly home

They went for a real Karoo South African garden wedding by sourcing everything locally, walking the small town streets of Graaff Reinet and dancing beneath the twinkling stars! Garden Wedding Bridal Gown: Above Garden Wedding Bridal Hairstyle: Elze wore a half-up half-down flowing hairstyle with loose curls and mini braids. Pennygum and roses were used for the bouquets.

Garden Wedding Bridesmaids Style:

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Our Tuesday night Salsa classes in St Kilda have been running for over 10 years Our classes are now held in two rooms not one More space, less noise and more comfort for you! Our first timers class starts at 7pm. Salsa is the world’s most popular Latin dance. It is loved because of it’s music, it’s origins and it’s many dance style’s. Salsa refers to a fusion of informal dance styles having roots in the Caribbean especially in Cuba and Puerto Rico , Latin and North America.

The name “Salsa” is the Spanish word for sauce, connoting in American Spanish a spicy flavor. Be sure to stay back after class for some great Social dancing until

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Environmental Health Concerns Environmental health concerns start with the elements used to make Styrofoam. Styrene, for example, is the one of the main ingredients used to make polystyrene. Though the American Chemistry Council notes there are differences in polystyrene solid and styrene liquid , and while there are differences in the final makeup, styrene is still part of polystyrene.

An eco-friendly home in Cornwall has gone on the market for £, after it was transformed from its dilapidated state into a stunning green cottage.

Did you now that staying organized not only saves you time and frustration, but it can also help the environment? Less clutter means less housework. By keeping your things in good condition, you need to replace them less often, which is a win for your wallet as well as the environment. Get rid of some stuff The less you own, the less you need to organize. See these Eco-friendly Expert Tips for easy ways to decide what to keep, and what to re-use or recycle.

Re-use or buy storage units Now you need to organise what you are keeping.

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Welcome Ecologist Dating is an online dating site for people who care about environmental issues and want to meet others interested in living ethically. Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. About Us EcologistDating is a collaboration between Loveandfriends. The idea is to enable like-minded ‘Eco friendly’ people to find each other for love and friendship.

Conscious Dating Network (CDN) is the oldest, largest, exclusively “Spiritual/Conscious” and “Green/Eco-Friendly” network of online dating sites with almost 20 years experience.

Eco-friendly Hotel in Tuscany Locanda Le Piazze, your 4 star boutique hotel in Tuscany, is a former farmhouse dating from It sits among the soft hills of the commune of Castellina in Chianti, surrounded by olive groves, vineyards and cypresses. The building interior and the grounds have been renovated extensively, drawing on the skills and experience of talented local artisans and technicians. The result is simple elegance, a stylish and relaxed environment to help guests break free from daily toils and pressures; a refreshing experience to be pampered in an inviting, cozy and welcoming atmosphere and indulging in the best of food and wine that Chianti and Tuscany offer.

The relaxed environment balances tradition and modernity. The gardens surrounding the hotel have been re-designed and re-planted and a new terrace overlooking vineyards and open countryside has created a stylish setting for a swimming pool, with ample space for sunbathing or simply relaxing under shade. Our twenty comfortably furnished air-conditioned room are each individually-decorated. All rooms are non-smoking. We welcome children starting 14 years old.

Wi fi available in common areas. We can not guarantee a perfect coverage of wi-fi due to the weak coverage of this area.

Introducing Britain’s ‘most eco-friendly residential skyscraper’

Local is good, right? Hang on a minute! Local is great from an eco-friendly point of view, because your food does not have to travel vast distances.

Eco-friendly crackers hit the Indian market big time. Though there are many eco-friendly crackers, people are still opting for hazardous ones. It’s time to change, .

Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter We brought you the goods on great green hair conditioners. Or should it be the other way around? But first, why do we want to go organic and nontoxic with our shampoos? This chemical is what makes regular shampoos suds up. Among other things, it can lead to skin damage, permanent eye damage in children and even liver toxicity.

The news is not much better for sodium laureth sulfate SLS. On the up side, SLS cannot be metabolized by the liver.

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Follow Ikea plans to use packaging made with mushrooms as an eco-friendly replacement for polystyrene, the Swedish retail giant has revealed. The flat-pack furniture retailer is looking at using the biodegradable “fungi packaging” as part of its efforts to reduce waste and increase recycling, Joanna Yarrow, head of sustainability for Ikea in the UK said. Mycelium is the part of a fungus that grows in a mass of branched fibres, attaching to the soil or whatever it is growing on — in effect, mushroom roots.

US firm Ecovative developed the product, which it calls Mushroom Packaging , by letting the mycelium grow around clean agricultural waste, such as corn stalks or husks. An example of Mushroom Packaging photo courtesy of Ecovative Over the space of a few days the fungus fibres bind the waste together, forming a solid shape, which is then dried to stop it growing any further.

On Monday, July 9, Starbucks revealed in an announcement that it will eliminate plastic straws from its stores worldwide by the year Sounds great, but you might wonder what the coffee chain.

It seems hard to believe that a tall, hulking block made from huge amounts of material and consuming huge amounts of energy could ever be anything other than bad for our fragile environment. It is a celebrated residential tower which its designers have made to be literally green by covering it with plants. Its green features include rooftop wind turbines, rainwater collection and re-use, dual-layered insulation, energy-saving devices, and combined heating and cooling — giving it a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design LEED platinum rating.

Add in LED lighting, triple glazing, natural ventilation systems and heat harvested from the ground, and you have a block that uses and loses much less heat and energy than is usual. Recycling points are on each floor. And as for water? The area was planned as a new town in the Forties by the late Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe — who was himself a pioneer of architecture that mixed technology with supposedly green credentials. In the Sixties, Jellicoe proposed a plan for an even grander new eco town near Staines, Middlesex, of connected tower blocks called Motopia, where cars would, incredibly, travel on the roofs of the buildings — all of which were to be set in generous parkland.

This utopian idea, like something from a JG Ballard novel, was never realised. The car park will be automated and your car parked by a robot. A fad perhaps, but not necessarily a bad one. Existing towers can be retrofitted to be greener too — the tower block Austin House in Walsall, in the West Midlands, was transformed three years ago with insulation, solar panels and heat extracted from the ground — all reducing the amount of lost energy from the building.


Careers and family obligations are among the factors causing delays, allowing couples to learn what really matters before they walk down the aisle. Widowed and divorced singles also find it a good way to ease into a renewed social life. According to a Northwestern University study, typical benefits include access to professional matching, a wider range of singles and better communications with potential partners.

Identifying Candidates Dates can still spring from chance meetings, fix-ups by friends and family or workplace encounters, but these generally have the same success rate as finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. Adding must-have characteristics such as an eco-friendly lifestyle might land someone in the shallow end of the dating pool unless it is pre-screened by a conscious dating site.

Plastic straws are one of the top 10 items found in beach clean-ups.

Pause Frontpage Slideshow version 2. Ancient Olive trees and Almond groves creating a scenery of rare and natural beauty. A peaceful retreat, a place to relax, be pampered, far from urban stress. Enter Villa Magnolia through a warm and welcoming entrance room with 4 internal doors leading to the 4 large en suite bedrooms, with soothing colour washed walls and vaulted ceilings, tastefully restored using traditional methods. In the grounds there is a beautiful roman style salt water swimming pool, temple and sunken Jacuzzi.

Accommodation is for a maximum of 8 people 4 couples , not suitable for families with young children. Villa Magnolia is a private and exclusive guest house offering all attentive, quality service. A unique and wonderful place to stay. The house and grounds are completely fenced in for total privacy. At Villa Magnolia, it is possible to indulge in relaxation massages, sports massages, reiki, aromatherapy and Yoga!

Cookery classes and pizza making evenings held regularly at the Villa. Environmentally friendly, private, luxurious, unique. Good food, great wine, healthy lifestyle. Villa Magnolia is the place to relax your mind, pamper your body, replenish your spirit!

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Comments For the longest time I lived in a modest mansion in Parkview, Johannesburg, which we bought just before the election. When we heard that an old Coca-Cola factory in Milpark was being converted into lofts we rushed to try to bag one, but even though the place was just rubble and disorder, the waiting list was already over strong. Other lofts began to spring up nearby and for some time I thought that I would be able to buy one of the shells, and then bring in steel and concrete to shape it into something special.

Made of eco-friendly silicone rubber and ABS + PC material, this #1 best-seller solar charger is an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional rechargeable battery pack.

With a focus on the environment, he’s also contributed to the public’s growing consciousness about becoming more eco friendly. For those who do want to invest in new ideas to help save the planet, he’s come up with a list of his “green heroes”, the products that represent the best design and construction ideas to help those who want their homes to be more eco-friendly. The company has now turned to bottles, manipulating them into unique and sculptural light fixtures that catch and reflect the light to create an eerie, transparent jellyfish effect.

In the UK we use We should not just recycle them but reinvent them, says McCloud, “and upcycle them into beautiful and useful objects”. They are made from waste by-products, straw, earth and chalk, and are created using the excess heat from brickworks. Not only is MycoFoam compostable, unlike some of its rivals, but it is also fire-resistant and totally natural: GIY stands for grow-it-yourself.

The substance is created by taking agricultural waste which is then ground down, sorted and cleaned, before adding mycelium, the vegetative root structure of a mushroom. This acts as a glue, binding it together. MycoFoam needs to grow for a few days before it is ready to be used. Natt Phenjati 4 Coffee Logs Made from recycled coffee grounds, these eco-friendly briquettes are a handy fuel source. Each log is made in the UK out of the grounds that come from 25 cups of coffee, and burns hotter and longer than wood.

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